Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jimmy Eat World - If you don't, don't

Duration: 05:40 minutes
Upload Time: 2006-12-20 05:06:19
User: jerusalem1975
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If you dont, dont. Live at Radio3


dumpweed18244 ::: Favorites  2007-11-04 16:49:54

jims shirt is normally short sleeved tom rolled his up
Juggalot33ny ::: Favorites  2007-05-01 17:28:19

I love that song!
tiffisthebest ::: Favorites  2007-03-20 13:28:00

lol i noticed that too ^^ that was infact the first thing i noticed, but tom is wearing it instead..i think :D
BleedCanadian2006 ::: Favorites  2007-03-10 19:03:00

This Is Funny Because Jim Is Not Wearing His Signature "Uniform" You Know The Black Button Up Work Shirt And Those Dark Jeans...It's Funny Because In Almost Every Other Song And Video He Wears The Uniform...Yeah Iam A JEW Geek...
jerusalem1975 ::: Favorites  2007-03-08 16:20:10

You are probably right. I´m sorry if I gave wrong info. Cause I didn´t check it.

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