Saturday, January 26, 2008

Umar yana da tsoron abokantaka tsakkanin Binta da Ibrahim

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Hausa  Albashi  Abbas  Sadiq  Zainab  Idris  Adam  Zango  


From the film Albashi (2005)directed by Abbas Sadiq and produced by Zainab Idris. Umar (Abbas Sadiq) wants to marry Binta (Zainab Idris) but he imagines that she has a relationship with his brother (Adam Zango). For more information on Hausa movies see


Aabubakar ::: Favorites  2007-04-07 15:39:26

Infact Shawa or whats your name, you are fabulous in dancing,i will like to see you dancing all the time,you always making up my day.Allah shitaimake ki.Amen

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