Sunday, April 6, 2008

"Killing In The Name Of" cover by: American Attitude

Duration: 05:34 minutes
Upload Time: 2007-08-05 15:14:26

Check out this Jacksonville, Florida band consisting of all Air Force guys called "American Attitude" playing a cover of "Killing In The Name Of" by Rage Against The Machine. These guys are awesome in concert and you should definitely check them out!


RockinNiceGuy  2008-04-05 20:13:56

Thank you SO much. We really, really appreciate you!
ArmTheHomelessX  2008-03-31 16:00:56

"We aren't trying to be like them or anyone else." Thats why you guys are so great...
MrMostWanted146  2008-03-30 11:43:05

cool i´ve watched most of your vids and i like them all^^
RockinNiceGuy  2008-03-24 21:34:50

Yes, yes, yes...for all those who have made the post that "it's too fast"... Yes, it is faster than how Rage plays it, but who cares really?! We aren't trying to be like them or anyone else. We're all military dudes that do this once in a blue moon when we can and we have fun with it. We play it faster (not intentionally), it's fun, and most people dig it. Thanks for taking the time to comment, but geeez guys....
tmcda2nd  2007-12-30 15:45:06

you guys sound great

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