Thursday, April 10, 2008

Scotland vs England

Duration: 06:45 minutes
Upload Time: 2007-01-05 17:24:13

Did some screen-filming when I played a game of Medieval then put it together in WMM and added some historic revelance from the campaign-game. :p


witchhunter32  2008-04-01 07:37:53

yeah scotland rocks
norathexplorer  2008-03-29 15:52:15

If England s so good then why did Scotland beat them in the only 2 wars that they fought against eachother? And both were started by England.... So suck it England!
gunwolf1000  2008-03-17 08:35:19

England very scared of Scotland army's back then
pete1munchen  2008-03-17 06:52:30

also some1 said england is 1 of the most loved countrys int he wrold. oh dear fellow that is like saying the nazis liked jews. Engalnd is actualy hated. Your on par with the hate against america but i personaly have no problems with the english, i thnk therevery nice ppl.
pete1munchen  2008-03-17 06:44:44

yeah man thats a pretty uneducated, unfactual answer. if u kicked our arses why is scotland still here

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