Thursday, January 24, 2008

Candidates to Win the Rumble

Duration: 07:13 minutes
Upload Time: 2008-01-21 22:07:40
User: Arman10701
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Potential winners of the Rumble seperated in to 3 different categories


leafsown ::: Favorites  2008-01-22 17:34:56

sick dude
gilbertblaze ::: Favorites  2008-01-22 17:03:18

I paid 109.15 for my ticket. I'm sitting by the entrance way! so I'm very excited about that
lucky7pointman ::: Favorites  2008-01-22 10:01:44

and carito come on they no buld up 4 him to win the rumble
lucky7pointman ::: Favorites  2008-01-22 10:01:36

Shelton is not money making and wwe say the winner will earn a world title shot at WM they stop saying the winner will get a world title shot and main event WM, also matt is over with the fan. he might win the rumble but he is out and will be back in action maybe after no way out, also jeff is ready to hold the world title is just i feel he don't need it right now, i think he is going to win the money in the bank and might cash it in at wm 25 or whenever he is in his hometown
leafsown ::: Favorites  2008-01-22 08:26:39

how are your seats for it?

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