Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Investing and Trading: DOW - Uncertainty over the Fed / GDP

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Daily Blog at: http://investorandtrader.blogspot.com/ Whether you're trading the stock market itself, daytrading currencies on the forex, the futures or commodity game - all eyes are to the Fed. For better or worse. The Fed isn't (supposed) to be here to help the markets out people! We should be looking at the economy as a whole. Why is the market waiting for the Fed, but letting the GDP slip right by unnoticed because everyone is holding their breathe to decide whether to go into MORE debt, for the sake of the markets. But what about the real economy? What about the flow of GOODS AND SERVICES!


playdohpete  2008-02-08 23:28:12

That was the market saying to the Fed - thank you, yes you gave us the rate cut we demanded BUT we rally OUR way, NOT yours.
scanlonized  2008-02-02 01:46:42

So, the fed fairy dust will save us from a few recessions but wont work for a depression. Talking heads on propaganda TV say its safe to get back in the pool! average down... buy buy buy! what a bunch of carnie barkers
AirelonTrading  2008-02-01 10:11:22

We rally 90 points this day - only to fall off at the very end, and end up in negative numbers. Then we open much lower only to end nearly 210 points ahead for the day. This market is not for the feint of heart. However now more than ever I'm convinced we are inside the first rally of this current bear market. How long the rally will last is anyones guess, but since we had the 10 day upmove in December, this rally could last from tommorow or even as far out as the middle to end of next week
AirelonTrading  2008-01-30 16:29:44

Wow. That pop up didn't last long.
AirelonTrading  2008-01-30 14:21:36

And here is our pop up, up +94 right now on the DOW

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